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Feature Items

  • Rainshadow RX8 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks
    $92.99 - $159.99

    RX8 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks are a proprietary blend and modulus positioning of RX7 and RX8 graphite materials. A great combination of strength, balance, power and… [more]

  • HookUm Good Bait Buoy & Tackle Organizer
    $6.99 - $34.99

    Bait Buoy: The Ultimate Tackle Organizer for your boat. Allows you to have leaders, scents, pliers, cutters, towel, & fish club all at arm's reach. Rigid weatherproof… [more]

  • Johns Jigs Z Series Salmon & Steelhead Jigs
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)
  • Dick Nite Dodger

    The Dick Nite Kokanee Dodgers are available in 18 different and unique colors. Many with UV finish for deeper water applications and lightweight for today's ultra-light… [more]

  • Angler's Market Kokanee Khaos

    The Kokanee Khaos is a unique internal tube trolling lure system that will never cause line twist or abrasion. The silicone legs come alive and drive game fish wild. The… [more]

  • Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish
    $11.39 - $15.99

    Ultra V's unsurpassed UV protection and improved chemical stability results in unequaled clarity and brightness, while maintaining the highest durability and flexibility… [more]

  • Rainshadow Carbon Fiber / Woven Graphite Tubing
    $1.05 - $152.00

    Rainshadow™/Forecast™ carbon fiber/woven graphite tubing not only creates a custom feel, but also provides a nice gripping surface when fighting the fish. Known for… [more]


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Hook Um Good Bait Buoys

         HookUmGood Bait Buoy        
The Ultimate Tackle Organizer
for your boat...  $32.99
Keep leaders, scents, pliers,
etc., at arms reach.
weatherproof design.
Interchangeable leader roll.
Adjustable mount system.

      .               .

Leader Rolls

BB1SN: $9.99
large 8" w/snap (red cap)
BB2SN: $9.99
small 8" w/snap (green cap)
BB2SN4: $6.99
small 4" w/snap (blue cap)

Kokanee Custom Fishing Rods You Build

Steelhead & Salmon Jigs / John's Jigs


 In the Salmon & Steelhead Strike Zone
John's Jigs are Superior!
Worm jigs  Twitchin' jigs
C series / X series / Z series
Coho Carnage / Humpy jigs

Minima Guides - Lighter Weight, Greater Sensitivity!

Pacific Bay Minima Spin Guides

Shop All 5 Finishes Here

Use Model SV for light to medium action spinning rods.
Single foot design for flexibility, lighter weight, & increased sensitivity.
Minima guides are 20-30% lighter than ceramic guides.
Larger guide I.D. reduces friction and drag on line while casting or retrieving.

Flex Coat Rodbuilding Supplies

We stock Flex Coat rodbuilding products Epoxies, tools, drying motors

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