RW-3XL Advanced Rod Wrapper


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The RW-3XL ROD WRAPPER has a solid aluminum base in three sections, deluxe chuck, and dual tension thread carriage.

The Pacific Bay Rodsmith RW3-XL Power Rod Wrapper includes all of the features of the RW3-L plus a heavy duty chuck and chuck support capable of shaping cork grips. The Rodsmith features a sectional 8′ aluminum bed that is long enough to build almost any custom fishing rod. The variable speed 600 RPM wrapping motor has both foot and dial speed control. The dial control sets the coarse speed range while the foot pedal allows hands-free speed control while you’re wrapping. The Rodsmith RW3-XL includes an 11 RPM drying motor which is engaged by simply moving the drive belt from the wrapping motor to the drying motor. Redesigned ball bearing supported thread carriage includes two thread spool tensioners, thread guides and a tool magnet. Three(3) infinitely adjustable rod supports the position the rod blank on smooth padded ball bearing mounted wheels. Rod blank tension arms on the rod supports make sure the rod blank stays in place while turning.

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Weight320 oz
Dimensions34 × 6 × 12 in