Rainshadow RX7 Switch Blanks

Rainshadow RX7 Switch Blanks
$122.99 - $132.99


Revelation RX7 Switch Rod Blanks
Building on the success of our casting and spinning rod blanks, we took their ground-breaking technology and applied it to our Revelation fly blanks. Revelation fly blanks feature RX7 Toray graphite, High Density SC (HDSC), Optimized Resin Content (ORC) and Dynamic Modulus Positioning (DMP) technologies. Each model is painstakingly tested with fly line to assure they cast and perform properly. They are truly a Revelation!

model info
REVF1085-4SB 5wt. Switch Scandi225-265 grn./Skagit 265-305 grn.
REVF1086-4SB 6wt. Switch Scandi 265-315 grn. / Skagit 315-355 grn.
REVF1087-4SB 7wt. Switch Scandi 315-365 grn. / Skagit 365-405 grn.
REVF1088-4SB 8wt. Switch Scandi 365-415 grn. / Skagit 415-455grn.