Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series

Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series


Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series
The RX6 E~Glass series is exceptionally versatile and perfect for a variety of applications. Salt/freshwater jigging, live bait trolling, the uses are endless.Blank graphite was selected for the lower end for sensitivity and to create the perfect action. Strength and durability are accomplished through E~Glass that is blended into the tips. These blanks offer a balanced combination of accurate action and durability.

model length action sec line wt lure wt butt diam tip power blank wt
SWT70M-3M 7' mod/fst 3 10-17 1/4-3/4 0.593 6.0 M 3.6 oz.
SWT70MH-3M 7' mod/fst 3 12-20 3/8-1 1/4 0.652 6.0 MH 3.9 oz.
SWT70H-3M 7' mod/fst 3 12-25 1/2-2 0.662 7.0 H 4.3 oz.