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Rod Blanks

Rainshadow RX7 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks
$89.99 - $119.99
RX7 Intermediate modulus (43 million) high strain rate graphite blanks with technique specific actions for Salmon/Steelhead applications. Matte gray finish. Limited lifetime warranty. For a complete list of all our Rainshadow Rod Blanks view the catalog under "Request A Catalog".
Rainshadow RX6 Kokanee / Downrigger Trolling / E-Glass composite Blanks
$36.99 - $56.99
Rainshadow RX6 E-Glass Composite blanks are exceptionally versatile, from fishing for Kokanee, trolling with live bait, or jigging for both fresh and saltwater species! With graphite on the lower end of the blanks for sensitivity and e-glass blended into the tips for durability, these blanks have fantastic actions.
Rainshadow RX6 Multipurpose Trout & Panfish blanks
$21.99 - $44.99
RX6 Multipurpose- Trout & Panfish rod blanks The RX6 model lineup utilizes standard modulus graphite material, Fear not, the RX6 graphite has evolved over time with enhanced fiber design and improved resin systems. The RX6 blanks have been significantly reined to offer enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite.
Rainshadow Revelation RX7 2pc Spin Blanks
$44.99 - $73.99
New for 2019 Revelation RX7 2 Piece Spin Blanks Introducing the new Revelation two-piece spinning models . We took some of our best-selling one-piece models and made them two-pieces for the traveling angler. All models incorporate our slim ferrule design which eliminates the typical flat spot created by adding a ferrule. From ultra-light to medium heavy spin models, we have you covered.
Rainshadow RX7 Spin Multi-Purpose Rod Blanks
$68.99 - $85.99
Rainshadow RX7 Multipurpose Spinning - Bass / Walleye If you are in the market for sensitivity blended with unparalleled durability, this series is for you! Rainshadow uses intermediate modulus, high-strain Toray fibers, and finishes it off with our exclusive resin and scrim systems.
Rainshadow RX6 Unity 4 and 2 Piece Fly Rod Blanks
$32.99 - $93.99
Unity Series RX6 Fly Rod Blanks : New for 2019 The Rainshadow RX6 fly blanks have been an industry staple for many years.They are without question one of the finest values in the fly industry. These blanks are smooth casting, light in the hand and provide efficient casting presentations. Beautiful Olympic Green color.
Rainshadow RX7 Switch Blanks
$122.99 - $132.99
Revelation RX7 Switch Rod Blanks Building on the success of our casting and spinning rod blanks, we took their ground-breaking technology and applied it to our Revelation fly blanks. Revelation fly blanks feature RX7 Toray graphite, High Density SC (HDSC), Optimized Resin Content (ORC) and Dynamic Modulus Positioning (DMP) technologies. Each model is painstakingly tested with fly line to assure they cast and perform properly. They are truly a Revelation!
Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series
Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series The RX6 E~Glass series is exceptionally versatile and perfect for a variety of applications. Salt/freshwater jigging, live bait trolling, the uses are endless.Blank graphite was selected for the lower end for sensitivity and to create the perfect action. Strength and durability are accomplished through E~Glass that is blended into the tips. These blanks offer a balanced combination of accurate action and durability.
Rainshadow RX9 Eternity2 - 4 pc Fly Rod Blanks
$152.99 - $174.99
Rainshadow Eternity2 - 4 piece Fly Rod Blanks are Impeccable, Extraordinary, Unsurpassed, Revolutionary.Ultra High Modulus RX9 graphite combined with our exclusive nano compound Technology resin system. They cast with surgical accuracy and have the ability to punch long casts, as well as landing a dry fly with a precision that has to be experienced to be believed!
Rainshadow RX8 Immortal Switch & Spey 4pc Blanks
$143.99 - $228.99
Rainshadow Immortal RX8 Ultra-High Modulus Graphite Switch & Spey Blanks. The Jaguar Design team has created new switch rod and spey rod blanks that will impress even the most experienced and critical fly fisherman.
Rainshadow RX7 Revelation 2&4 Piece Fly Rod Blanks
$49.99 - $127.99
Rainshadow has the highest performance rod blank at the most reasonable price that the industry has ever offered. The Revelation fly rod blanks feature RX7 Toray graphite, HSDC, ORC, & DMP technologies.
Rainshadow RX7 Salmon/Steelhead Hot Shot Plug Rod Blanks
$79.99 - $120.99
Rainshadow's RX7 Salmon/Steelhead Multi-purpose lineup of blanks uses the RX7 Toray graphite and compliments it with the durability blend of RX6. Rest assured with the sensitivity and feel you require, in addition to confidence, you can push this blank a bit further with the durability of this series. Rainshadow uses intermediate modulus, high strain Toray fibers, and finishes it off with our exclusive resin and scrim systems.
Rainshadow RX7 Revelation Bass Casting Blanks
$62.99 - $144.99
Revelation RX7 Bass Casting Blanks The Revelation series of rod blanks is the result of intense research and development work. Every model in this groundbreaking series is crafted with RX7 Toray graphite and a host of additional proprietary features that are unrivaled at this price-point. The result: A light and sensitive blank that is stronger than any previously designed model built using these materials.
Rainshadow RX6 Multi-purpose Salmon & Steelhead Rod Blanks
$54.99 - $105.99
The Rainshadow RX6 Multi-purpose Salmon/Steelhead blanks offer enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite, and added strength for brute lifting power. The possibilities are endless with this line up.
Rainshadow RX8 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks
$99.99 - $148.99
RX8 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks are a proprietary blend and modulus positioning of RX7 and RX8 graphite materials. A great combination of strength, balance, power and sensitivity. Beautiful titanium chrome finish. Limited lifetime warranty. To see more Rainshadow rod blanks click on "download our catalog".
Rainshadow RX4 Salmon Mooching/Trolling Graphite/E-glass Composite Blanks
$52.99 - $87.99
The RX4 rugged graphite series BP blanks are the very best for Salmon mooching & trolling.These blanks offer anglers the durability of E-glass and the sensitivity of Graphite with impressive strength to handle more rugged situations.
Rainshadow RX8 Immortal Centerpin Rod Blanks
$169.99 - $208.99
New for 2019 The IMMORTAL RX8 Salmon / Steelhead rod blanks replace the older XST models of the same length. Centerpin fishing has grown in popularity over the last few years so the Jaguar team added a new model to our line, designed for use out of a typical drift boat. The new model is a bit shorter in length with a special taper design developed just for this particular fishing application. The IMMCP110M is light in your hand yet powerful enough to handle big winter Steelhead with ease. These blanks were tested by some of the finest guides and anglers in the Pacific Northwest, so actions are dialed in perfectly.
Rainshadow RX6 Travel Casting & Spinning Blanks
$39.99 - $64.99
RX6 TRAVEL CASTING & SPINNING BLANKS The RX6 model lineup utilizes standard modulus graphite material. Enhanced fiber design and improved resin systemsare what makes these rod blanks great. From all-purpose large and Smallmouth Bass, Trout, panfish, Walleye, Pike, and small Musky, fish confidently with the RX6 lineup of blanks.
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