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Rod Building

Flex Coat Tip & Guide Adhesive, & 5 Min Epoxy
$1.99 - $12.99
This adhesive is ideal for installing the tip tops on blanks. It will maintain a high strength bond in all temperatures and retains flexibility when cold. The bond will hold even under extreme heat conditions, such as closed cars on summer days.
Rainshadow RX7 Salmon & Steelhead Blanks
$89.99 - $119.99
RX7 Intermediate modulus (43 million) high strain rate graphite blanks with technique specific actions for Salmon/Steelhead applications. Matte gray finish. Limited lifetime warranty. For a complete list of all our Rainshadow Rod Blanks view the catalog under "Request A Catalog".
ProWrap Thread Nylon Rod Wrapping Thread
ProWrap nylon rod wrapping thread is superior, fuzz free thread and available in size A and size D.100 yard spools.
Pacific Bay QuickLine Fly Rod Blanks
$84.99 - $154.99
Pacific Bay QuickLine Fly Rod Blanks: High Performance, Light & Fast, Glossy Black 9' to 15', from 4wt to 10 wt.
Pacific Bay Model SV Guiges with Ceramic Rings
$0.69 - $3.99
Top Quality Ceramic Guides .
Pacific Bay Model TV Guides with Ceramic Rings
$0.79 - $7.89
Top Quality Ceramic Guides.
Pacific Bay Spinning Channel Lock All Aluminum
$10.84 - $12.76
Pacific Bay Channel Lock Anodized Aluminum Reel Seats available in 10 different color combinations and two sizes. To see more reel seats please download our Rod building Catalog.
Greg's Custom Rods Gift Cards
Finding the perfect gift can be tough. Which is exactly why we offer gift cards. They make great presents for relatives and friends, and are a fantastic way to thank someone special. They're always the right size and color, too. We can mail the card to you or the intended recipient. Just enter the appropriate address in the "Ship To" field during checkout. Gift cards are for in-store redemption only. ***We do not charge shipping or tax on gift cards***
Pacific Bay Model T Guides with Ceramic Rings
$0.81 - $19.73
Top Quality Ceramic Guides.
ProWrap Thread Metallic Rod Wrapping Thread
ProWrap Metallic rod wrapping thread is a superior, fuzz free thread available in size A and size D. 100yard spools.
Pacific Bay Tradition II IM6 Steelhead & Salmon Blanks
$42.99 - $99.99
Pacific Bay Tradition II- Matte Grey. With the new IM6 material combined with Pac Bay standard actions & our popular color scheme, these blanks continue the tradition created by meticulous research & development for the original Pac Bay line of blanks. The rich matte grey color works well with the wide variety of new guides and thread colors. To view our entire line of Pacific Bay products download our catalog.
Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish
$11.39 - $15.99
Ultra V's unsurpassed UV protection and improved chemical stability results in unequaled clarity and brightness, while maintaining the highest durability and flexibility properties of any finish on the market today. Professionals will appreciate the extended pot life and improved self-leveling properties of these finishes. Lite Formula and High Build Formula.
Greg's Custom Rods Rod Lathe / Wrapper
Greg's Rod Lathe / Wrapper is fully adjustable; supports and thread bed slide left or right along the tracks. It has a thread tension device and pegs for two spools of thread.
Pacific Bay Minima SV Spin Guides
$0.68 - $4.17
Model SV - Minima Guides For light to medium action spinning and casting rods. Single foot design for flexibility, lighter weight, & increased sensitivity. Minima guides weigh 20-30% less than ceramic ring guides
Rainshadow X-Flock Heat Shrink Tubing
$10.99 - $22.99
X-Flock is perfect for any rod build, both new and old. Looking to enhance your worn out grips? X-Flock will revitalize your old grips into brand new while providing a custom look.Looking to add grip to to your woven, EVA, or slick butt? X-Flock is the perfect product to protect & provide a strong grip surface. X-Flock looking worn out? Simply cut it off and apply new X-Flock. Available in 3 colors and three sizes.
Flex Coat Rod Building Tools & Accessories
$1.00 - $69.99
Tension Device for your DIY rod wrappers Syringes 3ml for accurate epoxy dispensing China markers / grease pencil wipes off blanks easily Calligraphy tip set for fine inscriptions on your rods Burnishing tool to manipulate the thread work utility knife set for clean nips 5 pk knife blades for utility knife cups 10 pk 1oz. with gradations purple brushes 10 pk 1/8" yellow brushes 10 pk 1/4" 6RPM Finishing Motor: High quality USA built gear motor with self adjusting chuck for rotating the rod while while applying and curing the finish.
Rainshadow RX6 Kokanee / Downrigger Trolling / E-Glass composite Blanks
$36.99 - $56.99
Rainshadow RX6 E-Glass Composite blanks are exceptionally versatile, from fishing for Kokanee, trolling with live bait, or jigging for both fresh and saltwater species! With graphite on the lower end of the blanks for sensitivity and e-glass blended into the tips for durability, these blanks have fantastic actions.
Pacific Bay Fly Guides Model SN & SNL Snake Guides
$0.77 - $2.90
Pacific Bay Model SN & SNL Fly Rod Snake Guide Hard stainless steel wire with industrial chrome plating. High rounded arch. All SN & SNL guide feet are pre-ground Lite wire guides are ideal for light weight fly rods, bamboo rods, and anywhere physical weights and flexibility are an issue.
Rainshadow RX6 Multipurpose Trout & Panfish blanks
$21.99 - $44.99
RX6 Multipurpose- Trout & Panfish rod blanks The RX6 model lineup utilizes standard modulus graphite material, Fear not, the RX6 graphite has evolved over time with enhanced fiber design and improved resin systems. The RX6 blanks have been significantly reined to offer enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite.
Pacific Bay Fly Guides Model SF Single Foot Fly Guide
$0.77 - $1.99
Pacific Bay Model SF Hard Wire Single Foot Fly Guide This original design from PacBay has become a standard in the fly rod building industry. Extremely lightweight & flexible, without sacrificing strength. 50% fewer guide wraps to interfere with the blank action, also reduces overall weight. Closed loop design reduces friction for longer casts. [Stainless steel construction with industrial hard chrome plating. All SF guide feet are pre-ground.
Rainshadow Revelation RX7 2pc Spin Blanks
$44.99 - $73.99
New for 2019 Revelation RX7 2 Piece Spin Blanks Introducing the new Revelation two-piece spinning models . We took some of our best-selling one-piece models and made them two-pieces for the traveling angler. All models incorporate our slim ferrule design which eliminates the typical flat spot created by adding a ferrule. From ultra-light to medium heavy spin models, we have you covered.
Pacific Bay Hookkeepers
$0.55 - $2.20
Pacific Bay Hook Keepers are a proven standard for holding your hook or jig. Small HK projects .200" from blank. Large HK projects .250" from blank.
Rainshadow RX7 Spin Multi-Purpose Rod Blanks
$68.99 - $85.99
Rainshadow RX7 Multipurpose Spinning - Bass / Walleye If you are in the market for sensitivity blended with unparalleled durability, this series is for you! Rainshadow uses intermediate modulus, high-strain Toray fibers, and finishes it off with our exclusive resin and scrim systems.
Rainshadow RX6 Unity 4 and 2 Piece Fly Rod Blanks
$32.99 - $93.99
Unity Series RX6 Fly Rod Blanks : New for 2019 The Rainshadow RX6 fly blanks have been an industry staple for many years.They are without question one of the finest values in the fly industry. These blanks are smooth casting, light in the hand and provide efficient casting presentations. Beautiful Olympic Green color.
Rainshadow RX7 Switch Blanks
$122.99 - $132.99
Revelation RX7 Switch Rod Blanks Building on the success of our casting and spinning rod blanks, we took their ground-breaking technology and applied it to our Revelation fly blanks. Revelation fly blanks feature RX7 Toray graphite, High Density SC (HDSC), Optimized Resin Content (ORC) and Dynamic Modulus Positioning (DMP) technologies. Each model is painstakingly tested with fly line to assure they cast and perform properly. They are truly a Revelation!
Pacific Bay Tradition II Spey Rod Blanks
$89.99 - $105.99
The PacBay Quickline series of rod blanks is lighter and more sensitive than anything we have offered before, providing premium performance and craftsmanship to rod builders who require the very best. In addition to some time-honored lengths and actions, there are also application specific models offered as well. Try one yourself and see why Quickline is the flagship of our rod blank lineup.
Pacific Bay Tradition II , 3 & 4 Piece Fly Rod Blanks
$37.99 - $89.99
Tradition II Matte Grey IM6 Fly Rod Blanks With the new IM6 material combined with PacBay standard actions and our popular color scheme, these blanks continue the tradition created by meticulous research and development for the original PacBay line of blanks. The rich matte grey color works well with the wide variety of new guide and colors available today.
Pacific Bay Tradition II , 2 Piece Fly Rod Blanks
$42.99 - $99.99
Tradition II - 2Piece Fly Rod Blanks, Matte Grey With the new IM6 material combined with PacBay standard actions and our popular color scheme, these blanks continue the tradition created by meticulous research and development for the original PacBAa line of blanks. The rich matte gray color works well with the wide variety of new guides and thread colors available today.
Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series
Rainshadow RX6 Travel - E~Glass Series The RX6 E~Glass series is exceptionally versatile and perfect for a variety of applications. Salt/freshwater jigging, live bait trolling, the uses are endless.Blank graphite was selected for the lower end for sensitivity and to create the perfect action. Strength and durability are accomplished through E~Glass that is blended into the tips. These blanks offer a balanced combination of accurate action and durability.
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