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Lamiglas Kokanee Rods
$69.99 - $84.99
Ultra light, progressive action rod, will maximize your enjoyment of kokanee and trout, along with your hook-to-land ratio. Drawn from a number of rod families a stand alone fiberglass rod that's simply the best kokanee rod ever made.
Lamiglas Classic Glass Rods
$84.99 - $119.99
These rods are for the plug pullers, back trollers, herring trollers and downrigger anglers that excel on the water by keeping it simple. The premise behind moderate action glass rods is simple: if you allow a fish to get a firm hold of your bait or lure, the result will be a solid hook-up.
Lamiglas Jared Johnson Kokanee Rod
Designed to the parameter of Jared Johnson of Rocky Mountain Tackle, including its bright red color, this Signature series classic glass offering is a superior trolling rod Kokanee and trout. Fiberglass construction and light action is ideal for downrigger applications, light lures and spinner jigs.
Lamiglas X-11 Salmon/Steelhead
$109.99 - $124.99
All the value and performance of our new X-11 Series for salmon and steelhead are paired down to specialty applications for smaller species like trout, bass, walleye, panfish and kokanee. These fast action blanks feature our durable IM graphite and deep pressed guides with zirconia inserts. The darker maroon color sets a very nice contrast between the reel seat and premium cork handles.
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